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Find the email and the mobile phone of anyone

ColdCRM gives you access to the largest B2B database in the world, over 320 million contacts at 43 million companies.

Search your leads

Find and connect with leads by simply typing a company name


Use our search engine, and enjoy access to our database of more than 320M of contacts.The search engine integrates semantic search and advanced search filters in order to respond more accurately to queries.

For each target, access their verified business email address, and their mobile phone number.Also access his social profiles, and his secondary email addresses.

A trade exhibition approach? You have a company list, and are you looking to identify and contact all their marketing directors?Easy !

Upload your company list and wanted posts, get in return, the name, emails and phones of your targets

Need to contact members of a Facebook group?Upload a list of Facebook profiles and retrieve their mobile numbers and email addresses.

Twitter ? We cover you. Copy paste, or upload, a list of twitter usernames, and get back their email addresses!

Simply browse any Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook profile with the Google Chrome browser, and press a button to directly find contact information for one of your targets.

If you prefer just upload an incomplete excel file, with names and company names, and we will complete it with emails. You can now import it in your CRM !


With the help of ColdCRM, we found more than 40,000 leads and got an opening rate of 60%! Our entrepreneurship course was a success, thank you ColdCRM!

Megane Dreyfuss, ceo joinlionMégane Dreyfuss, CEO, JoinLion.co

GPDR Compliant

Our service provides many useful things


Your data is important. Our platform leverages the latest in security technology to ensure that your information is secure and compliant.

Service Level Agreement

Our team is committed to ensuring that your service is never interrupted. We guarantee 99.95% uptime for our database and your data.

Dedicated Support

Work with a dedicated customer success manager. Ask questions at any time and receive a response within 12 hours.

Premium features

Our engineering team constantly iterates upon every facet of the product. Use Coldcrm means you get early access to the latest technologies.
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